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Ethnic Knitting Discovery

Ethnic Knitting Discovery, by Donna Druchunas, is a super buy for a knitting book with this much information. She uses simple charts and worksheets to make the most complicated multi-colored items simple to knit which I love since I spend so much time rewriting and charting patterns to fit me and my gauge. I'm never comfortable when I do this. Donna has shown me how to write it down logically so mistakes are not made.

First the book has a soothing layout. Things are not crammed together or jumbled. Everything has order. The type is large enough and easy to read. I hate tiny type or funky type.


As a graphic designer and illustrator, I know how a good illustration can be preferable to a photograph. Often a photograph gives you too much information and therefore hard to translate into knitting. You may worry that the illustrator may take artistic license and not show you exactly what the garment may look like when completed. If that's your concern, then don't trust photographs either which can easily be enhanced to hide flaws. Joyce M. Turley has created simplified line drawings of the garments on realistic models. She gives you enough visual information to see what the finished garment will look like without imposing her color and fiber choices.


Deborah Robson, Nomad Press, has created not only simple schematics that are more than just outlines with arrows and numbers. Her schematics show you exactly where and what to measure. There is no guesswork.


In addition to being easy to follow, Donna has shown how to actually understand the charts by placing swatch samples right next to the charts.

The patterns in the book range from a simple headband to a complicated sweater. There are four easy, skill-building projects and eight master patterns. Use these eight patterns to design your own sweaters as you learn how to knit in the round, manage repeats, center patterns, and work with texture.

Ethnic Knitting Discovery was published by Nomad Press and is available from
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