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New Pattern Available - SC Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon Towel

    Even if you aren't from S.C., I'm sure you've seen this emblem and wondered what it is. 
S.C. Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon

This is the 

SC Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon from the SC Flag

Colonel William Moultrie designed the first flag for South Carolina in 1775 during the Revolutionary War which was a dark blue to match the soldiers’ blue uniforms. The silver crescent (new moon) matched the crescent on their caps. A year later a Palmetto tree was added which is the symbol of South Carolina's success in defending Sullivan's Island during the Revolutionary War. The fort was built with tough, soft logs from Palmetto trees growing in the area. When the British warships fired cannonballs, they sunk into the wood but did not destroy the fort. Thus an important victory was won for South Carolina’s troops during the Revolutionary War. This flag was adopted in 1861. 

You can knit this lovely 13.5” x 9.5” oval Palmetto Towel 

with a knitted picot edge. 

Both a chart and written instructions are included. 

Optional hanger instructions included.  


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