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What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Yellow To Pink YarnWell, it wasn't really a vacation. 
It's called unemployment, but I treated it like a vacation and explored yarn dyeing.
You are probably wondering what I'm going to do with all of this yarn.
I've actually given most of it away.
The one to the left was given to an old friend who is a new knitter. 

Purple Varigated

To get the effects, I dyed most of the yarns twice. There's no mistakes in dying, just a lot of opportunities.

Aqua yarnSaff-flower-yarn
BlackToGreenYarnI can't remember what I did on this one.  


The yarn to the left was dyed with Safflowers. I was going for a pink but it turned out more salmon. Unfortunately, I threw out the dye bath before I realized
that the cotton I had used to tie the yarn together was the pink I was looking for.  

This ball3-yarns started out as a solid copper dye which creates a seafoam green. The shade wasn't what I wanted, so I tied it into a ball and over dyed it black. There was a cool reaction with the vinegar and the copper. 

I was very pleased with the green and the red. I'm going to use the green for a rug in one of our bathrooms. 

The red was an interesting experiment. My first attempt got a candy apple red that almost knocked my eyes out. So I wound it into a skein, tied it in a ball, put it into a nylon knee high sock and overdyed it in brown. You can see where the bright red has toned down and even went to a rusty red in places. I gave this yarn to a friend who admired it. 

The one is the middle is the original safflower yarn above. I wound it into a ball and threw it into the brown dyepot with the red yarn. Much better and it also has a new home. 

YellowYarn5 Color Yarn
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